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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mitsubishi Debonair

The Mitsubishi Debonair is a four wheeler four door luxury car which was introduced in 1964 by Mitsubishi Motors to serve as their flagship passenger vehicle in the Japanese local market.Three different and distinct generations were available during its 35 year run of production until it discontinued in 1999.

Mitsubishi Debonair Blueprint

Mitsubishi Debonair First Generation

Production : 1964-1986

Mitsubishi Debonair Second Generation

Production : 1986-1992

Mitsubishi Debonair Third Generation

Production : 1992-1998

Mitsubishi Delica

The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of four wheeler trucks and multi purpose vehicles built since 1968 by Mitsubishi Motors. It was actually based on a small pickup truck which introduced in the previous year also called Delica which name is a contraction of the English language phrase Delivery Car where Deli comes from Delivery and Ca comes from Car. The Mitsubishi Delica was introduced to the market in 1968.

Mitsubishi Delica Blueprint

Mitsubishi Delica First Generation

Production : 1968-1979

Mitsubishi Delica Second Generation

Production : 1979-1986

Mitsubishi Delica Third Generation

Production :1986-

Mitsubishi Delica Fourth Generation

Production : 1994-1996

Mitsubishi Delica Fifth Generation

Production : 2007-